The New Curator

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posted on 05/20/2016
Solange Farkas is one of the curators interviewed in the book that try to map the different aspects of this field in the contemporaneity

“Where is curating now?”. The process of constant redefinition that characterizes the curator field renders more challenging the question posed by the recently launched publication: The New Curator – Researcher, Commissioner, Keeper, Interpreter, Producer, Collaborator. Solange Farkas is one of the renewed international curators invited to answer this question.

“Solange has established the festival as a key node in the distribution of artistic practice throughout Brazil and the geopolitical South. (…) Centred around an open call format, it prides itself on providing a democratic platform for artists who might otherwise be excluded from the Western-centric art world. Farkas has also curated standout monographic exhibitions by artists in moving image”.

The book gathers 26 interviews by curators from all over the word, divided up into four chapters:  Beyond the White Cube, Towards a Radical Institution, Transcending Boundaries, and Rethinking the Biennale Model, in which Farkas talks about the Contemporary Art Festival Sesc_Videobrasil, alongside interviews by Sofia Hernandez Chong Cuy, Chus Martinez, Leah Gordon, Raimundas Malasauskas, Adam Broomberg and Oliver Chanarin, and Pablo León de la Barra.

The book is a Lawrence King Publishing edition, with writing and editing by Colline Milliard, Rafal Niemojewski, Ben Borthwick, and Jonathan Watkins. Interviews, chapter opening texts, and curator introductions by Natasha Hoare.

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