Clarissa Sacchelli, participating artist of the 1st Videobrasil Dance Season

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posted on 03/20/2017
Project from a partnership of Associação Cultural Videobrasil and Verbo 2017 announces artist to perform at Galpão VB in July

Clarissa Sacchelli is the first artist to take part in the Videobrasil Dance Season, an undertaking of Associação Cultural Videobrasil in partnership with the performance art festival VERBO 2017, hosted by Galeria Vermelho. Appointed by the curators of this first edition of the project, Sacchelli will perform at Galpão VB on July 6, 8, and 15 after a three-month research in the Videobrasil Collection.

VERBO 2017 will be held from July 11 through 14 at Galeria Vermelho, and on July 15 at Galpão VB. The artists selected for the 13th edition of VERBO are: Arnold Pasquier (Paris/France), Janaina Wagner (São Paulo/Brazil), Pontogor (São Paulo/Brazil), Célia Gondol (Paris/France), Aurore Zachayus (São Paulo/Brazil), Alexandre D’Angeli (São Paulo/Brazil), Jorge Luíz Lopes (Américo Brasiliense/Brazil), Luanda Casella (Brussels/Belgium), Old Masters (Geneva/Switzerland), Dora Smék (São Paulo/Brazil), Bruno Moreno (São Paulo/Brazil), Isabella Gonçalves (São Paulo/Brazil), Renato Sircilli (São Paulo/Brazil), Flavia Pinheiro (Recife/Brazil), Carlos Monroy (Bogotá/Colombia; São Paulo/Brazil), Clarice Lima (São Paulo/Brazil), Cristian Duarte (São Paulo/Brazil), Julha Franz (Porto Alegre/Brazil), Mauro Giaconi (Buenos Aires/Argentina), Young Boy Dancing Group (Sweden; Netherlands), Rodrigo Andreolli (São Paulo/Brazil), Solo Sul (São Paulo/Brazil) e Victor del Moral (Mexico City/Mexico). For more information:

See below more information on Clarissa Sacchelli and the 1st Videobrasil Dance Season in a text signed by the curators Carolina Mendonça, theater director and choreographer based in Germany, and Marcos Gallon, artistic director of VERBO, who together with Thereza Farkas, programming director of Associação Cultural Videobrasil, make up the committee responsible for selecting the artists for the performance show.


The artistic career of Clarissa Sacchelli (São Paulo, 1983), choreographer and artist selected for the 1st Videobrasil Dance Season, reveals a broad understanding of the body and its relationship with the different artistic languages that are part of the current lexicon of contemporary dance. In her career, Clarissa Sacchelli has been examining how modes of production directly affect the work created.

Starting from the mix of dance and written language, Sacchelli’s pieces suggest, from their titles, a sharp synthetic capability, raising issues from imperatives such as Este trabalho chamava coreografia (This Work Was Called Choreography, 2016), Isso não é um espetáculo (This Is Not A Show, 2013–2014), or Isso é uma habitação (This Is A Dwelling, 2013). In today’s world, where the concept of truth is in permanent transit, research in the field of art intended at imperatively defining a concept seem outdated, but this isn’t Sacchelli’s case. What “was called choreography,” what “is a show” or a “dwelling” are merely McGuffins that, in Sacchelli’s hands, implode the contact between action and observer.

In this pilot edition of the Videobrasil Dance Season, we ask how Sacchelli—a dancer, choreographer, and writer—will relate to the diversity of Videobrasil’s collection. More than the final result that will make up the program of VERBO 2017 at Galpão VB, and in Sacchelli’s case may materialize as an action, a text, or simply a talk, we are interested in learning how the artist’s immersion will take place in a collection of over 4,500 works, what will be her choices, deadlocks—and mainly—the issues the artist will establish with the observers from this contact.

Carolina Mendonça and Marcos Gallon
March 2017