Identity and memory

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posted on 09/26/2017
See the list of videos to be shown in the last meeting of Transatlantic Relations

The fifth and last meeting of the series of events Transatlantic Relations: public moments from the curator Bruno Z’Graggen’s research in the Videobrasil Collection will take place on September 30, Saturday, 3pm, at Pivô.

The project Transatlantic Relationships is a partnership between Videobrasil and the Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia, part of the Pro Helvetia in South America 2017–2020 exchange program, which seeks to promote cultural exchange and spark partnerships between Switzerland and South American countries.

See below the complete list of videos to be shown in the fourth meeting.

The Elephant Cage (Marcia Vaitsman, 2005)
A woman travels to the island of Okinawa, in Southeast Asia, where her grandparents had emigrated from 86 years before. Instead of finding her origins, she discovers she belongs to a displaced nation, devoid of memory.

Rito e expressão (Eder Santos, 1989)
Video art piece on the reconstruction of the Baroque church of Rosário de Ouro Preto, in the state of Minas Gerais, including shots of materials and textures, references to black culture elements, and quotes from a poem by Affonso Ávila.

We Are One (LucFosther Diop, 2010)
A still shot shows the artist’s hand. As the fingers move, they start to create a sort of dialogue between them. First, they seem to be comforting and caressing each other. Then, the interaction becomes more and more aggressive, until the fingers start having a fight. As he outstretches his hand to the world, the artist is trying to question the nature of human relationships, and to draw attention to the contradictions and complexity of social relations essentially marked by conflict and mistrust.

Ogodô ano 2000 (Marcondes Dourado, 1996)
Scenes from an Ash Wednesday during street carnival in the city of Salvador, highlighting performances by transvestites. This piece won an award at the 11th Videobrasil.

Quilombos urbanos (Mônica Simões, 1994) (image)
Documentary film depicting everyday life in seven Afro-descendant communities in Salvador: Morro do Gavazza, Encosta da Vitória, Morro da Sereia, Engenho Velho, Federação, Calabar, and Liberdade.