Guided tours to the 21st Biennial

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posted on 11/18/2019
Curators and artists offer a tour through the exhibition

Open to the public, the tours are conducted by participating artists and guest curators Marilia Loureiro, Thais Rivitti, and Guilherme Teixeira. They provide an opportunity to hear the artists talk about their work and to shed light on the directions taken by the exhibition.


11.6, Wednesday, 4pm
Marilia Loureiro and #VoteLGBT

11.27, Wednesday, 4pm
Gabriel Bogossian and Mônica Nador

12.18, Wednesday, 4pm
Thais Rivitti and Rosana Paulino

1.15, Wednesday, 4pm
Guilherme Teixeira and Paulo Mendel & Vitor Grunvald

1.29, Wednesday, 4pm
Luisa Duarte and No Martins