Residency Prize Cariri Cultural Center | 22ª Bienal

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posted on 05/17/2024

Winner of the 22nd Biennial Sesc_Videobrasil Centro Cultural do Cariri Residency Prize, Janaina Wagner begins new research

In 2022, the Centro Cultural do Cariri Sérvulo Esmeraldo was inaugurated as a new space for discussing, promoting and creating arts, science and culture in Ceará. At the 22nd Biennial Sesc_Videobrasil, which was held between October 2023 and February 2024, the institution offered a Residency Award that cultivates interchange between artistic outputs, recognizing Cariri as a creative force in dialogue with other territorial identities and bodies of knowledge and combining cultural tradition with contemporaneity. The winning artist, Janaina Wagner, presented her work Cinema Caverna (Quebrante) in the Biennial's main exhibition and, on May 20, she begins the first phase of her new research.

QUANDO O SEGUNDO SOL CHEGAR, new project by the artist from São Paulo (Brazil), will be developed along the artist's investigations and experimentations in the course of her residency at Centro Cultural do Cariri. The research aims to produce a film, which will present the public with a glimpse of the fallen star, a fleeting glow that announces the approach of a Second Sun, and the change that would be heralded by its appearance.

The film unfolds as an exercise of imagination to be constructed within our eyes: a day when the planet's rocks, the remains of comets and fallen meteors, will set off, burning with fire, back to the skies. “In today's reality, where the climate crisis of the Capitalocene and the Solastalgia (a kind of existential suffering caused by environmental changes) derived from it operate as imminent announcements of a catastrophe, the arrival of a Second Sun touches on the anguish of the future that is so present in the conversations and imaginations of contemporary people: fear and delirium”, explains Janaina Wagner.

WHEN THE SECOND SUN ARRIVES draws on two different pop culture references - the universe of science fiction films and books and the Brazilian love song “O Segundo Sol”, eternalized in the voice of Cássia Eller, a formative icon in the childhood and adolescence of the Brazilian 1990s generation. Every science fiction story is, after all, a love story.

On the In Residence blog, managed by Videobrasil, you can follow a little of the artist's creative process.