More than thirty artists who have won residency prizes throughout the history of the Festival give accounts of their experiences in the publication In residency – Art research routes in 30 years of Videobrasil. Edited by Videobrasil, the book was released at an event from the Public Programs of the 18º Contemporary Art Festival Sesc_Videobrasil, during a meeting in which delegates from the Festival’s partner organizations will discuss issues such as hospitality and exchange in artist residency experiences.

Since the late 1980's, in a context where mobility is inseverable from art practices, the role of artist residencies becomes fundamental. "One can't say that art practices haven't been affected by the dynamics of displacement. There's an impact in geography itself, broadened borders," says Solange Farkas, Videobrasil's director and curator, in a conversation with Marcos Moraes transcribed in the first pages of the publication. Both analyse the dynamics of displacement through a historical and contemporary conception, making clear Videobrasil's pioneering action in the promotion and diffusion of artist residencies, both national and international, to the winning artists of competitive shows since the Festival's 6th edition.

In residency / Art research routes in 30 years of Videobrasil

Edições Sesc-SP & Associação Cultural Videobrasil.2013, 192 pages. Portuguese/English. ISBN 978-85-7995-074-2