Released in parallel with Videobrasil’s art shows, our books dedicated to exhibitions are like printed platforms for the shows, an additional environment for the programs’ development. The books are bilingual publications replete with reproductions and synopses, and yet they stand apart from the catalogue format due to theoretical and graphical contributions that expand on the shows’ propositions, contextualizing and giving them new readings.

We are the revolution, a book on Joseph Beuys, for example, contemplates the artist’s theoretical references, ranging from Christianity to Anthroposophy, and helps situate a landmark oeuvre when it comes to understanding current art. The book was awarded the 2011 Jabuti Prize. On the other hand, Olafur Eliasson: Your body of work and Isaac Julien: Geopoetics bring in contributions from various fields of knowledge to provide a far-reaching, careful take on crucial aspects of two leading names of contemporary art.

On occasion of Videobrasil's most recent exhibition, the book Unerasable Memories: A Historic Look at the Videobrasil Collection gathers essays from authors of different fields of knowledge on the themes and works featured in the show curated by Agustín Pérez Rubio.