Isaac Julien: Geopoéticas

    Isaac Julien: Geopoéticas

This book was released on occasion of the namesake show and designed to converse with it. Its graphical language translates the dimension of the filmic works featured and their relationship with space. Nonetheless, the publication expands on the program through original theoretical contributions and a lengthy interview with the artist himself.

Aside from a text by the show’s curator Solange Farkas, contributions from four artists are featured: Lisa Bloom makes aesthetical and political remarks on colonization, sexuality and migration, which are particularly present in Fantôme Créole. The curator and scholar Mark Nash reviews the multiplicity of meanings in Isaac Julien’s work, such as bodily dynamics or the reallocation of art history themes. Vinicius Spricigo borrows ideas from Vilém Flusser to propose connections between contemporary art and issues ranging from post-colonialism to anthropophagy. Rania Gaafar draws parallels between graphical space and the space created by art forms such as installation and image in motion, and reviews how Isaac Julien tackles the anthropological, sociological, and geopolitical dimensions.

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Isaac Julien: Geopoetics

Authors: Isaac Julien, Lisa Bloom, Mark Nash, Rania Gaafar, Solange Farkas, Vinicius Spricigo. Edições Sesc-SP & Associação Cultural Videobrasil. 2012, 199 pages. Portuguese/English. ISBN 978-85-7995-043-8. Width: 26 cm/Height: 30 cm/Spine: 2.5 cm