Between seeing and being seen

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posted on 06/23/2017
The choreographer Clarissa Sacchelli presents Boas Garotas [Good Girls] at the 1st Videobrasil Dance Season

“Need for life.” This is how the choreographer Clarissa Sacchelli describes the research that resulted in Boas Garotas [Good Girls], performance to be staged on July 6, 8, and 15 at Galpão VB.

The work opens the 1st Videobrasil Dance Season, project in partnership with VERBO, a performance show organized by Galeria Vermelho. With the artist immersed in the Collection of Associação Cultural Videobrasil (which features over 4,000 works in video, performance records, artist’s films, and publications), the 1st Videobrasil Dance Season proposes the creation of an original piece, with interdisciplinary format, that brings together dance and visual arts.

In this first edition, Clarissa Sachelli was selected by the curators Carolina Mendonça, theater director and choreographer based in Germany, and Marcos Gallon, VERBO’s artistic director, who point out as a trait in her career, “a broad understanding of the body and its relationship with the different artistic languages that are part of the current lexicon of contemporary dance.”

According to Sacchelli, Boas Garotas points to recurring interests in her career, such as the relationship between work and audience, and the notion of choreography as “a continuous rehearsal, always generating archive and legacy.” With these premises, she has composed a piece that investigates the relationships between video and performance, public and artwork, exploring eroticism as a means of questioning and stimulating the relationships between seeing and being seen as well.

During her three-month research in the Videobrasil Collection and rehearsals at Galpão VB (headquarters to the association since 2015), the choreographer has selected ten works (see full list at the end of this article) that served as conceptual reference, but also as work material for remixes and reenactments.

In addition to the performances, the artist will conduct two meetings with the public, both at Galpão VB. On July 10 at 3 p.m., she will conduct a dance theoretical-practical laboratory, and on July 15, for the closing event of VERBO and the 1st Dance Season, after the last performance of Boas Garotas, Sacchelli will talk about her work in a debate also attended by the curator Carolina Mendonça, Videobrasil’s researcher coordinator Ruy Luduvice, and the dance critic Isabelle Danto, cultural producer at Centre Georges Pompidou, France.

Partnership between Videobrasil and VERBO

The 1st Videobrasil Dance Season is carried out in partnership with VERBO, a performance show organized by Galeria Vermelho. In its 13th edition, the show will take place from July 11 through 15, and feature for the first time a special program at Galpão VB, on July 15.

The VERBO 2017 program also includes a video exhibition curated by Thereza Farkas, coordinator of the Dance Season, who participated in the selection of projects for VERBO 2017. The programs consists of five works of the Videobrasil Collection in direct connection with the works presented at the performance art show, and it will be presented at Vermelho’s Antonio Hall.

See the program details below.

Full program – 1st Videobrasil Dance Season | Galpão VB

July 6 (THU), 8 p.m.
July 8 (SAT), 8 p.m.

July 15 (SAT), 6:30 p.m.
Performance of Boas Garotas, by Clarissa Sacchelli

July 10 (MON), 3–6 p.m.
Dance theoretical-practical laboratory
Clarissa Sacchelli and Carolina Callegaro share the creative process behind the piece Boas Garotas. Target audience: people interested in dance, performance, and performing arts. Maximum number of participants: 25 seatings. Registration: send your name, email, and occupation to with the subject “Laboratório teórico-prático de dança.”

July 15 (SAT), 8 p.m.
Talk with Clarissa Sacchelli
With Carolina Mendonça, Ruy Luduvice and Isabelle Danto

List of works from the Videobrasil Collection selected by Clarissa Sacchelli as a reference for Boas Garotas [Good Girls]

Jerk Off 2 – Projeto Dízima Periódica
2007, 1’47” | Alice Miceli (Brasil, 1980)

Rapture (Silent Anthem)
2009, 10’17” | Angelica Mesiti (Austrália, 1976)

Homenagem a George Segal
1985, 3’32” | Lenora de Barros (Brasil, 1953) e Walter Silveira (Brasil, 1955)

Escenarios II
2014, 15’ | Maya Watanabe (Peru, 1983)

Female Sensibility
1973, 13’08” | Lynda Benglis (EUA, 1941)

La Profesora
1993, 9’04” | Gérman Bobe (Chile, 1963)

The Ogre
2003, 1’19” | Ip Yuk-Yiu (Hong Kong, 1974)

Samba #2
2014, 3’04” | Chameckilerner (Brasil, Duo formado em 1992)

Deep Pressure
1984, 3’28” | Alicia Nogueira (Brasil, 1960)

Talk about body
2013, 3’49” | Hui Tao (China, 1987)