1st Videobrasil Dance Season + VERBO 2017

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posted on 07/11/2017
Check out the closing Program at Galpão VB

This Saturday, the 1st Videobrasil Dance Season presents its closing activities. The third presentation of the piece Boas Garotas, by Clarissa Sacchelli, will be followed by a talk between the artist and the audience, moderated by the curator Carolina Mendonça, with the participation of Isabelle Danto, French dance critic, and Ruy Luduvice, coordinator of the Videobrasil Historical Collection.

Also on July 15, the performance art festival VERBO 2017, a partner in the Dance Season, will hold a special closing event at Galpão VB. Additionally, visitors will be able to visit the exhibition Nada levarei quando morrer, aqueles que me devem cobrarei no inferno, which remains on view through July 29.

Throughout Saturday, foods and beverages will be sold at the venue, with the June menu and the original delicacies from the gastronomy collective Creative Commes.

See details below.


Program, July 15

5 p.m. - 10:30 p.m. | Julia Viana & Luciano Favaro: Exposição rodante solo sul (South Soil Mobile Exhibition)
Exposição rodante solo sul is a mobile and temporary exhibition that addresses the concepts of territory and border based on an experience of border crossing, taking as a device the presence of artists and the automobile they rode in while crossing the South American continent. The exhibition features videos, photographs, a garden, and a library.

5 p.m. - 6:30 p.m. | Clarice Lima: Coreografia (Choreography)
Coreografia is a device created to tense the involuntary choreographies that we use to move around in the spaces of galleries, museums, theaters, cultural centers, and other areas with a large flow of people.

6 p.m. - 6:10 p.m. | Jorge Lopes: O falecimento da escuta (The Death of Listening)
O Falecimento da Escuta is an action created based on movements that often appear in self-portraits. The artist interacts with soil (land), alluding to his ancestors. According to Lopes, the act of expanding and contracting his own body conveys a criticism of the nearly complete absence of black artists in today’s art field.

6:30–7:30 p.m. | Clarissa Sacchelli: Boas Garotas (Good Girls)
Stemming from the artist’s immersion in the Videobrasil Historical Collection, the piece investigates the relationships between video and performance, public and artwork, exploring eroticism as a means of questioning and stimulating the relationships between seeing and being seen as well.

7:30–9 p.m. | Talk with Clarissa Sacchelli
The artist discusses her work, in a debate with the participation of the curator Carolina Mendonça, Videobrasil’s researcher coordinator Ruy Luduvice, and the dance critic Isabelle Danto, cultural producer at Centre Georges Pompidou, France.

Creative Commes Menu

Vegan Paulista couscous
Hominy pudding with coconut and peanuts
Vegan hot dog
Freetas Gerais (fried potatoes and yam)
Cassava fritters
Criancive Commes (supernatural sandwiches for kids)
Broa caxambu (corn roll with aniseeds)

Soups and Broths
Piranha broth
Green broth
Pea soup
Arracacha soup

Quentão (infusion of ginger and spices with cachaça)
Quentuaba (infusion of ginger and spices with Catuaba, a plant-based liquor)
Ice tea

See directions to Galpão VB.