Capa da oitava edição do Caderno. Projeto gráfico Daniel Trench

    Capa da oitava edição do Caderno. Projeto gráfico Daniel Trench

Edited by Moacir do Anjos and titled Pertença (Belong), the eighth Caderno will address the notion of belonging within the complex web of relationships and reflections of our days. Among other issues, the publication will address the standoff between the blurring of national identity boundaries and the affirmation of the cultural specificities within each region. Developed like an art show in which visitors view different works and ideas fluidly, Moacir dos Anjos’ program features artwork, essays, and theoretical contributions.

Cao Guimarães presents a visual essay replete with discrete tokens of daily life. Paula Trope, Francis Alÿs and Regina Parra tackle displacement and its possibilities in art from different vantage points. Paulo Nazareth puts in check the alleged cultural fluidity of the world today. Emily Jacir’s work sheds light on assimilated social interdictions, a topic that is also covered in Jimmie Durham’s critique of the leftovers of colonialism. New parameters of identity are discussed in contributions from researchers Laymert Garcia dos Santos and Christian Kasper.

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Caderno Sesc_Videobrasil 8: Belong

Editor: Moacir dos Anjos. Collaborators: Cao Guimarães, Christian Pierre Kasper, Emily Jacir, Francis Alÿs, Jimmie Durham, Laymert Garcia dos Santos, Paula Trope, Paulo Nazareth, Regina Parra. Edições Sesc-SP & Associação Cultural Videobrasil. 2012-13, 148 pages. Portuguese/English. ISSN 1808-6675. Width: 18.5 cm/Height: 23.5 cm/Spine: 1.3 cm