Program shown on the 4th day of the Festival | September 29, 1989

Director general: Pedro Viera; Producer: Marcia Volpato; Reporter: Madalena Spacassassi

On the Festival’s 4th day, Videojornal featured a few side program events: the video installation Oremos, by Eder Santos, interviewed by Geraldo Anhaia Mello; the Meeting with international guests, commented by Marcelo Machado; the hors concours videos, including the documentary film Angola, by Roberto Berliner; and French participation in the show, as well as the potential for exchange with the country. The Festival’s audience also made their remarks about the day’s video marathon. In “edição extraordinária” (extraordinary edition), Videojornal announced the new competitive show prize, including a trip to France tofeature in the Montbéliard Festival, and a video screening on Belgian TV.