With the decline of the military regime, in the 1980s, TV became a strong influence on the imagination of a generation that wanted to take charge of the medium to reveal different views. Video became a sort of "counter-television." Entitled Counter-TV: Experimental Practices in Video in the 1980s, this focus will tackle the new visuality enabled by video and video art to a generation of authors eager to adopt experimental practices and to recreate the language of TV. 

The founders of independent production company Olhar Eletrônico and the journalist Goulart de Andrade discuss important works that contributed to the renewal of TV in the 1980s. Featuring Fernando Meirelles, Marcelo Tas, Marcelo Machado and Goulart de Andrade / Mediator: Gabriel Priolli Netto.

Fernando Meirelles (São Paulo, Brazil, 1955) Film and TV director, he has directed the films City of God (2002) and Blindness (2008).  

Gabriel Priolli Netto (São Paulo, Brazil, 1953) Journalist and TV director. Former member of the Brazilian National Congress' Social Communications Council.

Goulart de Andrade (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 1933) Journalist, created the controversial TV show Comando da madrugada, which debuted on Globo in 1978.

Marcelo Machado (Araraquara-SP, Brazil, 1958) Filmmaker, former programming director for TV Gazeta and MTV. Directed the documentary Tropicália (2012). 

Marcelo Tas (Ituverava-SP, Brazil, 1953) Journalist and TV director. Creator of the character Ernesto Varella, currently the anchor of TV show CQC (Bandeirantes).