Daniel Lima is a restless, prolific artist who turns his ideas into reality amidst the complex web of human codes and relationships in urban settings-or, as he put it, “at the borderline between art and life itself.” Based on solid ideas about art's ability to create “potentially destabilizing situations,” Lima scans the city for spaces to use and actions to take. He moves with unusual freedom along several artistic directions: sometimes he works alone, sometimes with groups and in partnerships; sometimes he is in the spotlight, sometimes he hides away, concocting strategies and shaping up collective creations; sometimes he works with drawings or sculpture, sometimes he creates hybrid spectacles which borrow from theater and photography, but do not fit into either category.

Featuring sample artwork, images, an interview, a previously unpublished essay by art critic Ricardo Rosas and more, the 14th issue of FF>>Dossier reviews the wide-ranging, eclectic, at once cerebral and intuitive art of Lima, a fierce critic of the limited, closed-off art scene, as well as an antitotalitarian militant who despises simplistic views. “Whether as a member of various art collectives, media artist, or urban interventionist, Lima has developed a taste for contradicting preconceived notions regarding art categories, as well as for putting his finger into open wounds of the urban social tissue”, as Rosas wrote in his review. “The willingness to see beyond outward appearances, or to subvert them, is present even in his more politically tinged work, in which that very tinge is sometimes put in doubt or approached with an ironic twist.”

This publication is a tribute of Associação Cultural Videobrasil to the body of work of a rare artist, a close collaborator, the man who orchestrated Futebol, opening performance at the 15th Videobrasil International Electronic Art Festival, and the author of a monument made of light which, upon being projected from the pier of MAM Bahia towards Africa, became one of the most emblematic images of the Pan-African Exhibition of Contemporary Art.

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