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In its 19th edition the Contemporary Art Festival Sesc_Videobrasil takes it proposal to the extreme by making Southern Panoramas the core of its entire programming. The global South and its myriad issues – concerning diasporas, hybrid identities, migration flows and travels, personal accounts, memories, isolation, the social fabric, and insularity – have inspired and set the parameters for the Curatorial Committee to select artworks and art projects, as well as oriented the curating of all of the Festival’s exhibitions, public programs, and publications. The curators Bernardo José de Souza, Bitu Cassundé, João Laia) and Júlia Rebouças  work in this edition under the guidance of Solange Farkas, general curator of the Festival and director of Associação Cultural Videobrasil, which co-produces the event alongside Sesc São Paulo. A total of 62 artists and groups from 27 countries are featured in the three exhibitions of the 19th Contemporary Art Festival Sesc_Videobrasil | Southern Panoramas; five of them are guest artists and 57 were selected via two open calls (for artworks and for projects to be commissioned by the Festival, a new feature of this edition). The guest artists and selected artworks exhibitions happen at Sesc Pompeia, the primary venue of the 19th Festival and of the event’s past few editions. The Galpão VB, Videobrasil’s new venue, presents the commissioned projects show. Besides the exhibitions, the Festival will include film programs, performances, awards ceremony, public programs activities (such as meetings and conversations, a seminar, workshops and mediated actions) and publication launches. During the same period, the parallel show Those Born For Adventure Don’t Stray From The Path – Artworks from Videobrasil Collection, curated by Videobrasil’s archive and research coordinator Diego Matos, will open. It features a selection of artworks from Videobrasil Collection that echoes the reflections the 19th Festival elicits.

Visual identity and graphic design | Angela Detanico and Rafael Lain

Photographic record | Everton Ballardin, Iara Morselli, Denise Andrade and Tiago Lima

Video record | Mira Filmes


competitive show

Southern Panoramas: Selected Works | 19th Festival

Videos, installations, performances, photographs, sound pieces, and sculptures provide a panorama of the worldviews and issues that currently mobilize artists from various parts of the geopolitical South

film and/or video screenings

Film Program | Gabriel Abrantes

An iconoclastic approach to history, art, and cinema runs through the films of Gabriel Abrantes, which subvert elements of Hollywood genres to address the effects of globalization, gender issues, and the fall of utopian ideals


Parallel Exhibition | Those Born for Adventure Don't Stray from The Path - Artworks from Videobrasil Collection

A contemporary take on productions from the Videobrasil Collection, featuring 16 pieces created between 1978 and 2012 by artists from the global South

Southern Panoramas | Commissioned Projects

The artworks in this exhibition are the results of an open call released by the Festival in 2014 for artists from the South to enter projects for commissioning 

Southern Panoramas | Guest Artists

The Festival’s five guest artists attest to the power of voices that speak of and from the South

public programs

Meetings and Conversations | Residency Network Partners

Delegates from partner artist residencies of the 19th Festival will be available to talk to the public about their programs

Meetings and Conversations | Tilting Axis 1.5

The 19th Festival featured Tilting Axis, a discussion platform for professionals from artist-managed initiatives and institutions in the Caribbean to promote contact and network

Meetings and Conversations | Reading of Portfolios

Artists selected for the 19th Festival will share their research and career stories, and read portfolios from previous entrants.

Seminar "Places and meanings in art: debates from the South" | Panel 1: Rethinking Traditions: Art, Gesture and Contemporary

The notion of contemporary art responds to a specific system. If the contemporary primarily encompasses the present moment, how does one rethink and broaden the categories of art?

Seminar "Places and meanings in art: debates from the South" | Panel 2 | Rethinking Spaces: Art, uses and daily life

Artistic creation transcends formatted educational practices to become a powerful tool for production of meaning, knowledge, and critical thinking. What places does art occupy today? What uses does the artwork suggest to us?

Seminar "Places and meanings in art: debates from the South" | Panel 3: Rethinking Narratives: Art, Memory and Ficction

The panel discusses creative works which, devoid of any proof or documentation, look for word and image junctures that allow an escape from a world reduced to what is visible and into the realm of imagination

Seminar "Places and meanings in art: debates from the South" | Panel 4: Rethinking Time: Art, Silences and Histories

The meeting discussed the practices of thinkers and artists who look to destabilize (or reiterate) the limiting political forces of history and memory


Lambada and The Social Body: The Body of Memory and Dance Expericence

The artist Carlos Monroy proposed an experience evoking elements of memory and family construction centered on the body. The workshop elicited reflections about origin, cultural miscegenation, and the building of folklore, and ended with a dance practice

Vocabulary of an Existing South: The Invention of a World From Inexistent Places

Through the work of the artist Ting-Ting Cheng the public explored books, stories, and images to build together a conceptual, imagistic repertoire about the place of the South

Woven Memory: Monotype seen from Mali

The Malian artist Abdoulaye Konaté led a workshop on monotypes. Employing a collective studio practice, Konaté introduced the public to his poetics and to traditional art languages from Mali,his native country