Being more and more recognized by the artistic institutions, the videoinstallation uses the electronic image technology as a basis to develop a contemporary art. The relationship between viewer and monitor changes in a given videoinstallation, as the 2-D image moves out of its plane and expands towards the outer space in order to bring up time and motion to the scenery. The presentation of the 11 videoinstallations, quite diversified among themselves, show the broad possibilities about what could be made and is a unique opportunity to know the work of internationally-renowned artists.

The videoinstallation A Casa dos Monstros, by Marcelo Tas, is an electronically powered version of the famous "Sala dos Espelhos" (Room of Mirrors) of the old play centers. Is is a game for you to be frightened and to have fun with yourself, you're the monster.



Essay Marcelo Tas, 1994

A Casa dos Monstros

It is not necessary to consult the statistics to know that the most present image in the human being eyes during the short period of life is that of the own body. Most times, the body reflected in a mirror. During the 365 days of the year, one observer his own body with attention. And tries without any success to domesticate the foolish fellow that inhabit it. One brushes the teeth, shaves with an aluminum razor, depilates the legs and groin with hot wax, one uses metallic tweezers to pull one-by-one the uneasy hair that keeps growing in his forehead and also in his nostrils. Humankind descends from mammals, reptiles and wild bacterias – but desperately attempts to elude from that embarrassing relationship. The cosmetic industry runs to help with creams, ointments, silicon, after-shaving lotions, shampoo against dandruff, tints, eyelashes, lipsticks, mercurochrome and first-aids.
Gymnastic centers try in vain to shape the dowdy and flaccid body. Psychoanalysts take as far as four sections of 50 minutes trying to calm the distressed and primitive mind. Very well paid plastic surgeons activate the laser bistouries to cut spongeous tissues bunions, chancres, ingrowing nails and fallen double chins…
Afraid of his own intrinsical deformity and ugliness, one tries to control the uncontrollable. Without any success. In the end, the monster that inhabits himself is stronger than he. And it is very anxious go get out. A Casa dos Monstros is a videoinstallation where people can be face-to-face, without any risk, with those frightening monsters: themselves. It is an electronically powered version of the famous “Sala de Espelhos”(Room of Mirrors) of the old play centers. It is a game for you to be frightened and to have fun with yourself, you’re monster.

ASSOCIAÇÃO CULTURAL VIDEOBRASIL. "10º Videobrasil: Festival Internacional de Arte Eletrônica": de 20 a 25 de novembro de 1994, São Paulo-SP, 1994.