This 12th edition of Videobrasil received 400 entries to the Competitive Exhibit, of which 58 videos and 11 CD-ROMs from ten countries were selected, presenting a panorama of the latest international trends in 4 programs totalling over 10 hours of programming.

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Adhering to the cult of transparency and driven by the inevitable doubts, we in the jury have decided to explain the criteria that led to our choices. On answering that TV reporter who kept asking what video is, we thought it would be important to look into the camera and stress that video is not television. Hence, some of the artwork shortlisted for the Festival have failed to meet our criteria. Ultimately, the simple, direct documentation of things (production quality notwithstanding) looks more public and finds its own audience more easily. We have decided to give priority to pieces that possess a stronger connection with imagination, ones that were less of a mirror of external reality, and more of an attitude in facing said reality. Artwork which, through a technical and artistic approach, are able to transform this reality, pointing towards a place in the fabric of life and revealing invisible aspects, or artwork that contain evidences of this attempt... seeking a path... seeking expression... We are aware that this can sometimes lead to an almost somber view of the world (considering the duration and the amount of intentionality contained in these works), we are aware that some shorter pieces with less significance may have been a bit overshadowed by these, and we think this is a shame. But still we have decided to stick with our initial idea and give priority to artwork uncommitted to a desire of being incorporated by the powerful, devouring machine of television. Videobrasil is one of a few places where this type of artwork can find its place, earn recognition and from thereon find its own path.

"Carlos Nader"

The fragmentation of image and narrative structure creates a space for personal reflection and allows for what is most abstract to be expressed... Though intangible, the notion of subjectivity is questioned. It is an intelligent symbiosis of cultural and personal identities, situated in a commonplace context, and allowing the viewer to create his own interpretation and thus transform the place where he finds himself.