Text by host institution Ivan Ísola


Event is wind. Video Brasil was designed to be much more than a fleeting festival: the moment calls for permanent structures for culture production and distribution, and new media must engender new policies to democratize access to knowledge and facilitate the appropriation of tools that allow us to engender new signs, materializing a bit of the possible utopia. In short, to make it possible that, in the ‘global village,’ the village can converse with the village itself, with the villages, with the globe, speaking with its own accent and with every accent in Direct Broadcasting Sistem, in Narrowcast, two-way, interactive TV.

TV is also one of the biggest factories of memory in action in this country. Therefore, we take this occasion to expand the memory of Brazilian television, which the MIS has been processing ever since the 30 Years of TV in Brazil exhibition. But to declare the past as heritage and review it is not enough. This is about enriching the present and most of all, projecting the future memory.

Video Brasil is new video, an initiative that will repeat itself every year to ponder the issues that TV making in Brazil entails.

From now on, vide Brazil.