Counter-TV: meetings to discuss the 80s

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posted on 09/30/2013
Public Programs’ activities focusing on the 18th Festival

On October 16 and 17, two meetings featuring leading names of Brazilian video art will kick off the celebrations of Videobrasil’s 30th anniversary – setting the tone for the 18th Contemporary Art Festival Sesc_Videobrasil (due to open in November). Conter-TV will proceed with Videobrasil’s new Public Programs, discussing video language in the 80s in Brazil, and covering experimentation on the then-emerging Brazilian video art scene.

The first meeting, featuring José Celso Martinez Corrêa, Tadeu Jungle, Walter Silveira, and Pedro Vieira, will focus on experiments such as Teatro Oficina and production company TVDO, as well as the legacies of Glauber Rocha, Oswald de Andrade, and Chacrinha, among other topics. The meeting will review video’s contribution to the materialization of ideas and questionings. In the second meeting, Fernando Meirelles, Marcelo Tas, Marcelo Machado, and Goulart de Andrade will expand on these topics, focusing on the space created by Videobrasil, the country’s first regularly-held video festival.

The Public Programs, inaugurated at a meeting held in May 2013, seek to elicit experiences and facilitate debate to shed light on issues and questionings arising from Videobrasil’s curating research. Follow our news page and subscribe to our newsletter to learn about the latest 18th Festival updates, the Public Programs, and much more.




Focus 1 | Counter-Tv: Experimental Practices in Video in the 1980s

With the decline of the military regime, in the 1980s, TV became a strong influence on the imagination of a generation that wanted to take charge of the medium to reveal different views. Video became a sort of "counter-television." This focus will tackle the new visuality enabled by video and video art to a generation of authors eager to adopt experimental practices and to recreate the language of TV.


Everything can be a TV show
October 16, 8 p.m. — Sesc Pompeia / Theater

A pioneer in the activist use of video, the creator of theater group Oficina discusses the medium's subversive character with the directors of Frau, a video portraying the former's run-in with the Gramado Festival.

Featuring: Zé Celso, Tadeu Jungle, Walter Silveira and Pedro Vieira
Mediator: Gabriel Priolli Netto


Invading the grid
October 17, 8 p.m. — Sesc Pompeia / Theater

The founders of independent production company Olhar Eletrônico and the journalist Goulart de Andrade discuss Ernesto Varella, the character that sums up the renewal of TV in the 1980s.

Featuring: Fernando Meirelles, Marcelo Tas, Marcelo Machado and Goulart de Andrade
Mediator: Gabriel Priolli Netto



Counter-Tv: Experimental Practices in Video in the 1980s
October 16-17, 8 p.m. — Sesc Pompeia / Theater
Rua Clélia, 93, Pompeia | São Paulo, SP | Tel. +55 (11) 3871 7700 |
Admittance is free (collect tickets from the Theater box office 1h before the event)


Participants | Focus 1:

Fernando Meirelles (São Paulo, Brazil, 1955) Film and TV director, he has directed the films City of God (2002) and Blindness (2008).

Gabriel Priolli Netto (São Paulo, Brazil, 1953) Journalist and TV director. Former member of the Brazilian National Congress' Social Communications Council.

Goulart de Andrade (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 1933) Journalist, created the controversial TV show Comando da madrugada, which debuted on Globo in 1978.

José Celso Martinez Corrêa (Araraquara-SP, Brazil, 1937) Director and playwright, founded Teatro Oficina and created historical staging of plays, such as O rei da vela (1967).

Marcelo Machado (Araraquara-SP, Brazil, 1958) Filmmaker, former programming director for TV Gazeta and MTV. Directed the documentary Tropicália (2012).

Marcelo Tas (Ituverava-SP, Brazil, 1953) Journalist and TV director. Creator of the character Ernesto Varella, currently the anchor of TV show CQC (Bandeirantes).

Pedro Vieira (São Paulo, Brazil, 1953) Director and creator of audiovisual projects. Former member of TVDO. Directed the TV show Fábrica do som (Cultura, 1983/1984).

Tadeu Jungle (São Paulo, Brazil, 1956) Artist and film and TV director. Directed the feature film Tomorrow never again (2011).

Walter Silveira (São Paulo, Brazil, 1955) Artist and video director. A co-creator of TVDO, he participated in the 23rd São Paulo Biennial (2003) and was the subject of the retrospective show Blackberry – palavra e imagem (Blackberry - word and image, São Paulo, 2013).