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posted on 01/08/2014
The last two episodes of the series were based on Southern Panoramas competitive show and explored themes like memory, identity, politics and the contemporary imaginary

On 23.12, on SescTV, the sixth episode of series Videobrasil na TV was broadcast, dedicated to exploring the works of competitive show Southern Panoramas, in the 18th Contemporary Art Festival Sesc_Videobrasil, which covers the relations between memory, identity and tension between the local and the global. The episode points out the three artists who won awards in this edition: Virginia de Medeiros, Nurit Sharett and Basir Mahmood.

In contemporary times, identity is a route, a dynamic process which never stabilizes, a becoming. Narratives that can come close to this process show the intensity that identity games may take on. The topic is discussed by artists Akram Zaatari, Virginia de Medeiros, Lorraine Heller-Nicholas, Maya Watanabe and Tao Hui.

According to Chinese artist Tao Hui, “nature has always been a key point to me, as I spent my entire childhood in a rural area in China, basically interacting with flowers, plants and animals. When I moved to the city, I believe that the experience of that time, connected to nature, influenced my creations.”

Gabriela Golder, Irineu Rocha da Cruz, Ali Cherri and Enrique Ramírez, in turn, point out the relations between memory and politics in their work. Memory, in the 18th Festival, arises as a possibility to counterpoint the official history, the one that manages memory, formatting it to political purposes.

Memory and affection is another theme explored in this episode by artists Nurit Sharret, Dor Guez, Mauricio Arango and Basir Mahmood, who, in their works, evoke family conflicts and stories.

In the seventh episode of the series, the focus is on the contemporary imaginary, analyzing how the intense mediatization of everyday life affects the formalization of artistic works. In this program, broadcast on 30.12, artists in the 18th Festival spoke about strategy, appropriation and resignifying media elements, rethinking our subjectivization processes based on dialogue with mass communication media and social networks.

According to one of the curators of the fair, Eduardo de Jesus, “our memory is no longer pure, we do not build memory based only on what we have in direct experience. We build memory on those things that come to us, which circulate in the media, aesthetic experiences. All of this reverberates in memory. Well, reverberation in memory is an essential element for the construction of the imaginary.”

The seventh episode included Federico Lamas, Michel Zózimo, Orit Ben-Shitrit, Ezra Wube, Roy Dib, Olivia Mcgilchrist, Rafael Carneiro, Tiago Romagnani Silveira, Zafer Topaloglu, Vijai Patchineelam and Tiecoura n’Daou.

The series is composed of seven episodes and was broadcast from 18.11 to 30.12 on SescTV. It may now be viewed in full on VB Channel, on the Videobrasil site. 

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Videobrasil na TV | 18th Contemporary Art Festival Sesc_Videobrasil
Episodes “Panoramas do Sul: memória, identidade e política”; and “Panoramas do Sul: imaginários contemporâneos”.