• We Are One (2010), by LucFosther Diop
    We Are One (2010), by LucFosther Diop

Artist in residence: LucFosther Diop

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posted on 02/09/2015
In February, the 18th Festival prize-winning Cameroonian artist arrives in São Paulo for a two-month stint at FAAP Artist Residency

One of the 18th Festival artist residency winners (2013), LucFosther Diop is set to arrive in São Paulo in February. For two months, the Cameroonian artist will conduct his research work at FAAP Artist Residency, housed in a historical downtown building. The video We Are One (2010), an inquiry into the nature of human relationships, was featured in the Southern Panoramas show.

Out of the eight prize-winning artists at the Festival, four had their residencies in 2014. LucFosther Diop will open the 2015 season of the Videobrasil Artist Residency Program, which consists of the prizes awarded at the Festival and by Videobrasil in Context. Resident artists are invited to share their experiences on the In Residence blog, a tool designed to broaden public access to artists’ creative processes, and to shed light on the methods and activities of the residency programs of each participating organization. More news coming soon.