At the 21st Contemporary Art Biennial Sesc_Videobrasil, a jury comprising renowned professionals from the art circuits of the South will grant seven awards. With the aim of stimulating and fostering art production of the South, this edition includes cash prizes and artistic residencies.

State of the Art Award

Cash prize in the net amount of R$100,000 (one hundred thousand reais) for best participation.

Sesc Contemporary Art Awards

Two awards of R$50,000 (fifty thousand reais) will be granted to two Brazilian artists. A work by each one of the winners will become part of the Sesc Brazilian Art Collection.

Artistic Residency Awards

Three awards for young artists, with support for the production of a unique work plus airfare, accommodation, and per diem. A young artist is one whose first participation in collective or individual exhibitions was no more than ten years ago. The awards are offered in partnership with the Videobrasil Residency Program and will be shortly announced.

O.F.F. Award

Cash prize in the amount of R$25,000 (twenty-five thousand reais), offered by the Ostrovsky Family Fund to an artist with original research on the moving image.