• Estufa (2004), by Letícia Ramos and Luiz Roque
    Estufa (2004), by Letícia Ramos and Luiz Roque

Videobrasil Collection at WRO Biennale’s 16th edition

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posted on 05/14/2015
A video program will feature work by Brazil’s Letícia Ramos and Luiz Roque at the media art biennial in Wroclaw, Poland, indicating an ever-closer connection between Videobrasil and the Polish art scene

On May 14th, Thursday, Videobrasil will present pieces from its collection at the 16th WRO Biennale, a biennial exhibition held in Wroclaw, Poland. The video program Future Perfect - The Time Out of Joint, curated by Videobrasil’s director of programming Thereza Farkas, will feature eight video works by two Brazilian artists: Letícia Ramos and Luiz Roque.

The videos explore the connections between fiction and science, often flirting with the sci-fi genre. One of the pieces featured, Estufa (2004), was produced jointly by the artists as part of the FAZENDAROQUERAMOS project, a study in the composition of artificial realities through interferences on natural landscapes.

Both Rio Grande do Sul natives, Ramos and Roque are contemporaries and have been represented in the Videobrasil Collection since their early works. Letícia Ramos participated in the 16th and 18th Festival (2007 and 2013), and was one of the artists selected for the 19th Festival, slated for October to December 2015. Luiz Roque was featured in 17th (2011) and 18th editions of the Festival.

The connection between Associação Cultural Videobrasil and Poland has grown stronger over the past few years. WRO Art Center, the museum that organizes WRO Biennale, was one of the supporters of the 18th Festival, in 2013. At this time, the Videobrasil Residency Program is partners with A-I-R Laboratory, an organization managed by the Centre for Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle, in Warsaw. In 2014, Lebanon’s Ali Cherri, the winner of a residency prize at the 18th Festival, had a two-month stint at the A-I-R Laboratory and wrote in the In Residence blog, that he even went as far as to feel he belonged in the place. A-I-R is also Associação’s partner for the second edition of Videobrasil in Context. The project offers one Brazilian (Vitor César) and one Polish artist (Karol Radziszewski) new exchange and residency possibilities by having them respectively draw raw material from the archives of the city of Warsaw and the Videobrasil Collection. The presence of Poland-born artist Karolina Bregula at the 19th Festival speaks to the reach of Videobrasil’s actions in the global South. 


Future Perfect - The Time Out of Joint: Letícia Ramos & Luiz Roque in the Videobrasil Collection
May 14 (Thursday), 2pm

WRO Media Biennale
May 13 to 17
various locations, Wroclaw, Poland