Delfina Foundation: open calls for 2016 fellowships and residencies

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posted on 06/19/2015
Opportunities to applicants interested in performance and museum professionals from around the world

Delfina Foundation, an independent organization based in London, the United Kingdom, is issuing open calls for fellowship and residency programs to be undertaken in the first half of 2016. Devoted to facilitating artistic exchange and developing creative practices through residencies, partnerships, and public programs, Delfina Foundation offers opportunities to applicants interested in performance and museum professionals from around the world, via two open calls:

Brooks International Fellowship Programme 2016
In collaboration with Tate, the program will allow three curators, researchers, historians, and museum professionals to work with peers at London’s Tate Gallery for a three-month period, beginning in January 2016. Candidates will be selected for five different research lines, based on nationality and past experiences. Registration ends on July 15. Learn more about the application process and requirements.

Performance as Process: Stage 2
The second stage of the Performance as Process residency program is seeking out visual artists, performers and curators currently conducting research into performance. Applicants must be interested in developing their ideas and bringing them to fruition during a twelve-month residency at Delfina Foundation. The foundation will arrange for conversations and meetings between the residents, visits to institutions, and opportunities of involvement with artists, scholars, and researchers interested in performance. Applications will be accepted until July 20. Learn more about the application process and requirements.

Delfina Foundation is a Videobrasil Residency Program partner, and collaborated for the first edition of Videobrasil in Context (a residency project that sponsors international artist exchange involving the Videobrasil Collection, leading to the creation of commissioned artworks). Recently, Videobrasil Collection pieces were shown at Delfina Foundation, in the Tales of An Imagined City show. Curated by João Laia, a member of the 19th Festival Curatorial Committee, the show featured videos addressing issues such as subjective experience, identity, and desire.