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Edition thirteen of the Festival, hosted in Sesc Pompeia, featured flows, fusions, and hybridizations. A vast sample of artistic incursions into media such as CD-ROM and the Internet was presented and included in a category of the competitive exhibition. Some of the most prominent curators in Belgium, Canada, Spain, the United States, France, Greece, England, Mexico, and Peru created programmes using hybrid work from their native countries. American artist Gary Hill, whose up-to-the-minute work combined words and images to create new meanings, was honored with a retrospective, and presented a performance about childhood and fantasies (“Remembering Paralinguay”). Another international guest, Italian poet and video artist Gianni Toti, brought in work discussing the Latin-American identity. The Festival included a tribute to Brazilian pioneer Rafael França, whose body of work deals with issues such as gender. He was fascinated by the challenges of videomaking. França died young, in the beginning of the 1990s.

Visual identity and graphic design | Angela Detanico e Rafael Lain 

Photographic record | Isabella Matheus


competitive show

Competitive Video Exhibition | 13th Festival

A hundred videos from 13 different countries have been selected for the competitive video exhibition. Submissions by developing countries and Portuguese-speaking countries were accepted.

New Media Competitive Exhibition | 13th Festival

18 CD-ROMs and 17 Web Art pieces from fifteen different countries have been selected for the New Media Competitive Exhibition. No restrictions were placed regarding participating countries.

film and/or video screenings

"Conexões Irônicas", curadoria de Lynne Cooke

The curatorship by Lynne Cooke, is a selection of four American videos, produced between 1998 and 2001, all of which combine different genres and forms, going back to the roots and heritage of video in other art forms.

"Gianni Toti", curadoria de José-Carlos Mariátegui

The curatorship by José-Carlos Mariátegui featured four videos by the video poetry's founding father, Gianni Toti, all of which deal with Latin America, and they were screened in the Wallpaper project. The curator gave a lecture on the exhibition at the shed auditorium.

"Greek Digital Reality", curatorship by Dodo Santorineos

A curatorship by Dodo Santorineos featured six Greek videos produced between 1991 and 2001, all of them awarded at the Mediaterra Festival, except for The News.

"Labyrinth of Poetical Survival: Recent Belgian Video", curatorship by Paul Willemsen

The curatorship by Paul Willemsen, is a collection of Belgian videos featuring 6 pieces that were produced between 1999 and 2000. The curator gave a lecture on the exhibition at the shed auditorium where the videos were screened.

"LINK_AGE", curatorship by Claudia Giannetti

The program curated by Claudia Giannetti features artwork that employs various digital media or supports not only as tools, but also as conceptual sources. The interactive pieces explore the connections between the virtual phenomenon, action and creativity. 

"Net Art: A Public Space for Experimentation", curatorship by Pierre Bongiovanni

The curatorship by Pierre Bongiovanni is a selection of Websites that explore artistic experimentation and the media's intrinsic features. The curator gave a lecture at the theater and the curatorship was exhibited at Internet Livre.

"Recent Canadian Videos", curatorship by Hank Bull

The curatorship by Hank Bull, is a selection of 15 Canadian videos produced between 1995 and 2001. The programme featured recent work by renowned artists, as well as pieces by younger, up-and-coming artists.

"The Poetic Necessity", curatorship by Michael Mazière

Michael Mazière's curatorship is a selection of nine British videos produced between 1998 and 2001. The curator screened and presented the exhibition in the shed auditorium.

"The Retaking of the Word by the Individual", curatorship by Gabriel Soucheyre

The curatorship by Gabriel Soucheyre is a collection of French videos featuring 17 pieces that were produced between 1993 and 2001. The curator gave a lecture on the exhibition at the shed auditorium where the videos were screened.

"Ximena Cuevas", curatorship by Priamo Lozada

Priamo Lozada's curatorship consists of eight videos by Mexican artist Ximena Cuevas, produced between 1995 and 2001. The videos deal with issues such as identity, sexuality, and politics.

Single Channel Gary Hill

The Single Channel program, featuring artwork by the United States’ Gary Hill, is a part of a major retrospective show paying tribute to the artist. The show presents 26 videos made between 1970 and 1990.


Gary Hill: installations

Gary Hill ranks among the artists who best understood and most aptly promoted the integration of art and new technologies. The exhibition is part of a major retrospective paying tribute to the artist, and features three video installations.


"Concerto para Pirâmide, Orquestra e Sacrifício", Eder Santos

Eder Santos' Concerto para Pirâmide, Orquestra e Sacrifício (Concert for Pyramid, Orchestra, and Sacrifice) performance addressed pre-Colombian cultures, in a Mexican-inspired environment that combines music, image, and motion.

"Coverman", Alexandre da Cunha

Alexandre da Cunha's performance set the body at the center of his Coverman, with references to medical procedures and a reflection about the physical fragility.

"Entre" (Between), by Fêmur and Objeto Amarelo

The Entre (Between) performance, by the Fêmur duo (Angela Detanico and Rafael Lain) and the Objeto Amarelo band, arose from a desire to combine music and design, to move freely from one field to another.

"Live Images", Luiz Duva

Luiz Duva's performance, premiered during the Festival, is the continuation of a long-time research of the artist with images and their transformation through an interaction with music, which subverts the original message.

"Politik", Marcello Mercado

Marcello Mercado presented "Politik." This nonlinear performance lasted approximately half an hour. The artist stood naked upon a bench, and then a tube penetrated him. Video monitors in the background displayed body details.

public programs

DIscussion of the Cuzco Center for Art, Science, and Media Technology project

The debate took place at the shed auditorium. The discussion revolved around the project for building a Center for Art, Science, and Media Technology in the Andean city of Cuzco.

Espaço Aberto (Open Space): German Bobe

German Bobe, from Chile, presented the "Lovemoderne" project at Internet Livre (Free Internet) for Espaço Aberto (Open Space) - an effort designed to stimulate electronic art production by displaying ongoing projects and work in progress. Bobe presented the world premiere of "Lovemoderne," his first film for the Internet. Participants could interact in the screen by using a computer mouse, manipulating the film with no script per se. Beginning, climax, ending, everything was interchangeable.

Espaço Aberto (Open Space): Lucas Bambozzi

Lucas Bambozzi presented the project 4 Walls at the Free Internet area as part of Espaço Aberto (Open Space) –, designed to foster electronic art production by showing works in progress. In 4 Walls, the artist proposes a debate on privacy in the internet age, a vast, never-before-seen public space.

Lecture by Gianni Toti

Italian video artist and poet Gianni Toti spoke with the audience at the auditorium of Livraria Cultura, at Shopping Villa-Lobos.

Meeting of artists from the Competitive Shows

Artists who participated in the Video and New Media Competitive Exhibitions met in the shed auditorium to discuss concepts and themes related to artistic production with curators and the audience.


Workshop with Steve Tanza

British Webmaster Steve Tanza organized a workshop at Internet Livre during the first four days of the Festival, resulting in a Web project about São Paulo.


13th Videobrasil Making Of

The video documentary Making Of The 13th International Festival Videobrasil, directed by André Finotti, gave an overview of the events and ideas that circulated in the Festival.


Videonews was a programme of Wallpaper, which informed people of the festival's daily programme, showing images in a dynamic format.


Wallpaper consisted of projections on the walls of the festival premises, designed to promote an articulation between space and information. These projections included Video News images, information programme changes, and live images.