The Videobrasil Residency Program is tailored around the prizes awarded by the Festival, by Videobrasil in Context, and by Videobrasil Dance Season, sponsoring connections and exchange between artists, organizations and communities in Brazil and the world over. By awarding scholarships and commissioning artworks, Videobrasil intends to help usher in a new artistic and cultural cartography.

The Program provides opportunities for artists from the Global South to depart from their contexts and enrich their practices by interacting and engaging in exchange with new interlocutors, and experimenting with new ways of placing themselves in the world and in widely diverse surroundings. Thanks to the fact that Associação is part of a vast, constantly updating network of national and international partners, the program has spanned the five continents, tying together the South-South and South-North axes.

Videobrasil has engaged in pioneering artist exchange efforts ever since the 7th edition of its Festival, held in 1989. Go to our publications page to learn about the book In Residency: Art research routes in 30 years of Videobrasil, featuring accounts from 30-plus artists who have won residency prizes throughout the Program’s history.

If you want to take part in Videobrasil's residency network, contact us at