The first edition of the Videobrasil Dance Season is carried out in partnership with VERBO 2017, performance show organized by Galeria Vermelho and curated by the theater director and choreographer Carolina Mendonça and Marcos Gallon, VERBO’s artistic director. The curators selected the artist Clarissa Sacchelli for an immersion period in the Videobrasil Historical Collection, for the creation of an original choreographic work.

In the four months of rehearsal and research in the Collection, Sacchelli selected ten videos to serve as conceptual references and work material for mixes and reenactments. The artist showcases at Galpão VB the result of her residency: the dance piece Boas Garotas [Good Girls], an attempt at investigating the relationships between public and artwork, exploring eroticism as a means of questioning and stimulating the relationships between seeing and being seen as well.

The interdisciplinary format of the Dance Season seeks to deepen the historical intersections between video and dance. Thus, considering the archive as a living organism, Videobrasil opens the way so that its Collection is traversed and reworked by variations of body and choreography, confirming once more its historical relevance and its currentness.

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